As Civil Celebrants, our commitment to you is ensuring that your day is a special moment set in time.

Name Giving, Recognition or Transition Ceremonies: Almost as old as the human race long before their religious equivalents. Welcome the newest addition to your family, friends and community from newborns to any age. It is important to note that a Name Giving Ceremony is not a baptism or a christening, although if requested, there is no reason there can't be a religious component added. Naming Ceremonies are traditionally for young children in their first year or so of life. After this time, Ceremonies tend to be Ceremonies of Recognition or transition, rather than of welcome.

Renewal or Reaffirmation of Vows Ceremonies: There are many reasons why couples decide to reaffirm their wedding vows. It may be that they would like to mark a significant anniversary or they would like a different style of celebration to remember at this moment in time. Whatever the reason, a Renewal of Vows or Reaffirmation of the love a couple share should be celebrated. Because you are already legally married, there is no legal documentation to submit in a Renewal Ceremony. Therefore there are no 'rules' a couple have to follow. It can be as simple or as complex as the couple prefer. Most couples like to have this Ceremony on a significant anniversary but this isn't always the case.

Partnership and Commitment Ceremonies: Similar to a Wedding Ceremony, it is between two committed people who wish to express their feelings formally. The difference is that Partnership and Commitment Ceremonies are not legally recognised therefore the Celebrant doesn't say the legal wording required by the Marraige Act of 1961. Couples who are not yet ready or can't enter into the commitment of marriage or same sex couples, usually prefer this type of Ceremony.

Family Unity: Families come in all shapes and sizes including newly blended families. If you have just merged two families into one for affirmation or reaffirm your family unit as one, a Family Unity Ceremony can ensure everybody within that family unit knows how special they are to each other. Celebrate your family unit and to it's future. A Family Unity Ceremony can be conducted similar to a Name Giving Ceremony including e.g. Candles, Gifts, Mementoes, Certificates, or the use of a Symbolic Ritual Item etc.

Funeral Services: Is conducting funerals sad? We don't think so. Funerals are just like any other celebration. It is a celebration of the deceased's life which can be shared by different members of the family and friends.

Public Speaking Events: (MC) Master of Ceremony Services

House Cleansing:
For either blessing your new home and/or remove the negativity from an old home.

We can design a Customised Ceremony or Ritual
for any reason or purpose you want...
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"As your friends and loved ones join with you in sharing this special moment in time, it is with great honour that we are able to collaborate with you and take part in making your day special..."